Gap Waiver Addendums

Protect yourself from the unexpected

Gap Waivers (often called Gap Insurance) provide a peace of mind for the customer in the event of a total loss or theft. A car can depreciate very rapidly after driving it off the selling dealership's lot. Insurance companies normally pay actual cash value on total losses and unrecovered thefts, leaving your customer still owing money due to depreciation. Most of the time a Gap Waiver will pay the difference between the insurance settlement and what is owed on the loan.

Pricing (Financing Available)

If purchased from a dealership at the time of a vehicle purchase, aftermarket gap waiver contracts can cost a consumer anywhere from $599 - $1,500. We offer a product that is several hundred dollars cheaper as you would be purchasing it directly from Capital Auto Loan.


$399 - 12-48 Months
Financing Available - Estimated Cost

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