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Capital Auto Loan is different, let us tell you why.

The “Second Chance” auto loan industry is riddled with bad actors whose goal is to make each loan as profitable as possible regardless of the possible consequences to their customers.  Our founders are local businessmen with family ties to the auto industry.  They would hear horror stories about lenders taking advantage of customers by tricking them into Christmas cash incentives that would result in a year or more being added to their loans.  Lenders would treat their customers like cattle being herded through the process to capitalize on.  They discovered there was an opportunity to enter the market and raise the bar by introducing a whole new way to do business as a second chance auto lender.

In 2014, Capital Auto Loan opened for business and signed an agreement with their first automobile dealer in Boise, Idaho.

Since that day, every one of our customers has left the dealership in their new car with a list of tips for a successful loan.  View our Six Tips for a Successful Car Loan:

1. Communicate

We are easy to reach and willing to work with you when unexpected things happen in your life. But you need to fill us in, and respond when we are trying to contact you! You can call or text us at 208-546-9319. You can email us at info@capautoloan.com. Our office is located at 2775 W. Navigator Dr., Suite 110 in Meridian.

2. Keep Us Updated

If you change phone numbers or move, be sure to call us with the new information. If your payment is going to be more than 5 days late, call us and let us know. If you lose your job or have unexpected expenses pop up, we will always have a listening ear! Give us a call and keep us posted!

3. Be Honest

Sometimes people tell us what they think we want to hear, but what we always want to hear is the truth. Don’t tell us a check is in the mail when it’s not, or a payment will be made Friday when it won’t be. A mutual trust works best for everyone, and we are much more willing to work through hard times with people that are open and honest.

4. Keep Your Car Insured

You are required to have your car insured through the life of the loan, and it is your responsibility to provide us with any carrier or policy changes. If we don’t have current insurance information, we will add forced placed insurance to the vehicle, and charge the costs of that forced placed insurance to the loan. It’s expensive, and doesn’t meet your legal obligations, so let’s work together to avoid it!

5. Work For a Refinance

There is no pre‐payment penalty and you can seek out a refinance on your own anytime. We see the best success in refinancing and lowering your interest rate after 12 months of on‐time payments. In fact, we have partnered with a few local credit unions and can refer you to them after one year of on‐time payments. Not everyone is approved but many are! So stay current, build your credit, and work to lower your interest rate.

6. Understand Interest

If you want to pay your loan off early and save interest expense along the way, make your payments early and pay a little extra when you can! The interest clock is always ticking, and every little bit helps. On the flip side, making a habit of late payments will increase the interest you pay over the life of the loan. You can make a payment of any amount, any time; so don’t wait for the payment date if you have some extra cash!

We’ve grown and expanded into a space that will meet our needs for years to come and is centrally located in the Treasure Valley.  We are located in Meridian, Idaho in the Paylocity Building off Ten Mile Rd just north of I-84.

2775 W Navigator Dr., Suite 110
Meridian, ID 83642

Capital Auto Loan is different, now that you know why, we’d like to prove it to you.
Phone: 208-546-9319
2775 W Navigator Dr
Ste. 110
Meridian, ID 83642
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